Saint Sister for South Sea

Saint Sister - play Wexford 25th March 2016
Saint Sister to join Dan Comerford for Good Friday good times...

Duo of the moment, Morgan MacIntyre and Gemma Doherty will play session six of the south east's secret concert series. Having featured on RTE's Other Voices and received bucket-loads of positive feedback from national and international publications, Saint Sister take their illuminating atmosfolk to the festival circuit this Summer with numerous shows booked for the U.K. South Sea - which takes place in a different location every time with gig goers not aware of the venue until the bus rolls in - has attracted a significant regular following with nearly all of the sessions, ranging from small capacity to 200+, sold out so far. Wexford songwriter and guitarist Dan Comerford (Frankenstein Bolts), who featured at a 2014 G-Man Presents show, opens proceedings with a screening of Talking Heads' Stop Making Sense concert film to close out the night. It's shaping up to be  a very good Friday in the south east indeed.

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- Saint Sister and Dan Comerford play South Sea #6 featuring Stop Making Sense screening 25th March 2016
- Tickets are available over on

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