Exclusive: Carried By Waves

Resolute: The return of Carried By Waves...

Having premiered new track Teeth Marks on The Cork Music Show at the start of the month, I am delighted to present to you, Resolute, the new - and long awaited - album from Cork-based producer/creator Ronan McCann a.k.a. Carried By Waves. Poignant songwriting lies at the epicentre of an electronic web, coolly coloured and shaded by McCann's pristine production capabilities. Previously masked in layers of effects, McCann's gentle vocals are subtly nudged to the fore, more than on any of his previous releases.

CBW's first album, since Softly Held Together hit virtual shelves over three years ago, is out on iTunes and Bandcamp on Friday. Before then, listen to Resolute in its entirety using the player below. See The Thin Air on Friday for a David Nelligan-directed/created video for Resonation Day.

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- Resolute by Carried By Waves is out on Bandcamp and iTunes on 22nd April 2016

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