Clonakilty Guitar Festival

The Membranes
First round of Clon guitar slingers announced...

West Cork winds up its whammy bar for the 12th edition of the Clonakilty guitar extravaganza and again, the vast majority of concerts will be free with legendary folk venue De Barra's at the thick of it all. This year will see Clonakilty native Bill Shanley (Ray Davies, Sinéad Ó'Connor), post-punk purists The Membranes, Wicklow pop-folk trio Wyvern Lingo, Swedish group Shoutin' Red, the sensational Steve Cooney, the wonderfully named Australian foursome All My Exes Live In Texas (I know it's a George Strait song) and more all descend upon Clon for a weekend of solos and songs. Visit for the details. The full line-up announced so far is:

The Membranes; Wyvern Lingo (IRL) ; Brett Newski (USA) ; Bill Shanley (IRL) ; All My Exes Live in Texas (AU); Soothsayers (UK); Steve Cooney (AU) ; The Franklys (UK/USA/SWE) ; Úlaid (IRL) ; John Spillane (IRL); Shoutin’ Red (SWE) ; Crow Black Chicken (IRL); The Vinegar Creek Constituency (USA); Fintan McKahey(IRL); The Music Generation Bus; Breakfast with the Ink Spots; The Jam Van; Ukulele-le-cheile (IRL)

For more on Clonakilty International Guitar Festival visit:

- Clonakilty International Guitar Festival takes place 15th-18th September 2016

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