Cork Jazz 2016: Friday running order

Friday listings for Cork Jazz Festival 2016

With all of the festivals taking place down south in the past couple of months the line-up for this year's Jazz has nearly been lost in the ether. But not quite. The below listing will be updated regularly throughout the week as the smaller venues reveal further details. For Saturday and Sunday click here and here.

Cork Jazz Festival (28th-31st October)

Please check venue sites for official details as all times and dates are subject to change and I wouldn't want to steer you wrong!

Friday, 28th October

- The Naildrivers, An Bróg, FREE

- The Busquitos, Barbarossa, FREE
- The Clubs Band, Metropole (Ballroom), FREE

- Razzberry Jam, Metropole (Met Bar), FREE (11.45pm)
- Blutac & The Greenhorns, The Oliver Plunkett (upstairs), FREE

- Ben Sims, Cyprus Avenue, 11pm, €16
- The Cassettes, Reardens (The Hidden Attic), €10
- XO feat. Stevie G & Luc One and Laura O'Callaghan, The Bodega, FREE
- Crazy Chester, Coughlan's Bar, 11pm, FREE
- DJ Ian Richards, Deep South, FREE
- Skazz, The Grafton, FREE
- Velvin Lamont, Imperial Hotel (76 on the Mall), FREE
- Tongue in Chic (Nile Rodgers cover), Old Oak, FREE
- The Committed, SoHo, FREE

- Des Hopkins Dixieland Spectacular, Clarion Hotel, FREE

- Collage, The Oliver Plunkett, FREE
- Interskalactic, Reardens, FREE (before 11pm)
- Jimmy Moore, The Welcome Inn, FREE

- The Service, An Bróg, FREE
- Richard Blues Band, Clancy's, FREE
- The Lynch Mob, Henchy's, FREE
- Cookie & The Vaudevilles, Metropole (Ballroom), FREE
- Horace & Friends, An Spailpín Fánach, FREE
- New York Brass Band, Thomond, FREE
- The Guilty Judges, The Woodford, FREE

- Dark Town Strutters, Barbarossa, FREE
- Mary Stokes Band, Counihans, FREE
- The Fake McCoys, Metropole (Met Bar), FREE
- Gemma Sugrue, The Oliver Plunkett (upstairs), FREE
- Soul Driven, River Lee Hotel, FREE

- Loah & Colm K, The Green Room, Cork Opera House, 9pm, €12
- Hot 8 Brass Band, The Bodega, FREE

- Live Lizzy, Crane Lane Theatre, 9pm, FREE
- The B Majors, Deep South, FREE
- Ben Reel, Imperial Hotel (76 on the Mall), FREE
- Blues Brothers Banned, Old Oak, FREE
- Cuttin' Collective, Pigalle, FREE
- Quangodelic, The Roundy, FREE

- Jacob Collier/Justin Kauflin Trio, Everyman Palace, 8pm, €35
- Cathy Davey, St. Luke's Church, 8pm, €22.50
- Corey Harris, Coughlan's Bar, 8pm, €20

- Xylouris White and Katie Kim, TDC, Triskel Arts Centre, 8pm, €15
- Speakeasy Jazz Band, Clarion Hotel (stage 2), FREE
- Ben Waters Boogie Band and Lila Ammons Band, Reardens, FREE
- The Guilty Judges, Tom Barry’s, 8pm, FREE

- Hudson Taylor, Cyprus Avenue, 7.30pm, €22.50
- Bourbon Swing, Metropole (Met Bar), FREE
- Brother Sledge, The Oliver Plunkett, FREE

- Karen Underwood, Barbarossa, FREE
- John Connolly Band, Imperial Hotel (76 on the Mall), FREE
- Collage, Old Oak, FREE
- Fire & Water, The Oliver Plunkett (upstairs), FREE
- Lamarotte Jazz Band, River Lee Hotel, FREE
- The Light Runners, SoHo, FREE

- Des Hopkins Dixieland Spectacular, Clarion Hotel, FREE
- French Fanfare Band, Deep South, FREE
- Chester City Jazz Orchestra & Singers, Imperial Hotel (76 on the Mall), FREE
- The Clubs, The Oliver Plunkett (upstairs), FREE
- Belleville Hot Club, The Woodford, FREE

- Western Valley Hot Club, Metropole (Met Bar), FREE

- The Busquitos, Old Oak, FREE
- Mindbenders, Reardens, FREE
- New York Brass Band, River Lee Hotel, FREE
- BAM Artiste Soul Session, SoHo, FREE

- Mary Stokes Band, Counihans, FREE
- La Ripaille Band, Metropole (Met Bar), FREE
- Bryknee, The Oliver Plunkett, FREE

- New York Brass Band, Cork City Library, 2pm, FREE


- Sean Whelan and Brian Dunning, Glucksman Gallery, FREE (1.10pm)
- The Cranes, The Oliver Plunkett (upstairs), FREE
- The Jazzy Judges, The Oliver Plunkett, FREE

- Record Fair, Unitarian Church, €(depends what you buy!)

For more on Cork Jazz Festival visit: 

Cork Jazz Festival 2015 takes place in various venues from 28th-31st October 

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