HWCH '16: Friday

Friday's for Heroes...

Ireland's flagship new music and industry showcase commandeers the capital once again with three days of sessions, talks and conventions underway since Thursday. The likes of Adultrock, and Talos have quite a following already here is a trio of tips for those looking to complement the bigger names with more up and coming bands. Convention critters - check out the full list of workshops/panel discussions here.

Who? Basciville
Where? Workman's Club
Why? Hailing from the sunny southeast and having hosted Wexford's Byrne brothers at Quarter Block Party's low trees stage in February, I'm more than borderline biased with Basciville but, seeing as they close The Workman's Club on Friday night, you'll see/hear why.

Who? Jealous of the Birds
Where? Tengu (downstairs)
Why? Bedroom folk from Belfast with a gentle sway and an amazing name.

Who? Hail The Ghost
Where? Workman's Club
Why? Wearing their love for indie heavyweights The National on their sleeve, Dublin trio Hail The Ghost still can sure construct a moody tune.

For more on Hard Working Class Heroes visit:

- Hard Working Class Heroes takes place in various venues across Dublin 6th-8th October 2016
- Weekend Tickets €45, Nightly Tickets €20, Individual Venue Tickets €10, except for Tengu and the Chocolate Factory which have two stages - €12.50.

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