Cork Gig Guide: Christmas Edition (20th December-15th January)

Live in Cork this Christmas: Plugd Xmas party, Talos, Ger Wolfe, Jack O'Rourke, Terriers reunite, Horse, Hothouse Flowers & more...

Well run me over and call me Rudolph it's Christmas week already. The festive feeling was low in this one until a special screening of Die Hard in Triskel got the baubels burning bright and true. Gig wise there are still plenty of bookings to keep the rock and roll going into the new year with some highlights including: a very festive Cork Improvised Music Club gathering in Gulpd with all the clues in the Krautrock Christmas title (22nd Dec); Rubberbandits rock/mock two nights live at St. Luke's (21st & 22nd Dec); Cork's favourite independent record shop throw a Christmas party with Dónal Dineen, ooSe, and more helping Plugd sign-off pre-Christmas cheer in style (23rd Dec); Ger Wolfe & The New Skylarks play an intimate l'Atitude show (28th Dec); The Orange Kyte headline a holiday Kino show on the same night Hothouse Flowers say service at St. Luke's (both 29th Dec); Horse and Bisect unveil a split 12" in Triskel TDC (30th Dec); Mick Flannery counts down to 2017 in Cork Opera House on New Year's Eve. As expected, January is mostly reserved for hibernation so I'm using that as a chance to take a break until the middle of the month.

Terriers, Ganglions and Temperance Parade
Friday 23rd December | Fred Zeppelin's | 9pm, €10

Nothing says happy holidays better than a solid evening of screamcore. Taking the opportunity to reform briefly, Cork four-piece Terriers guarantee a night of rambunctious rock and are bringing pals Ganglions (the Sheffield/Leeds math-pop trio make their first Cork appearance) and Temperance Parade along for the ride. All proceeds will be donated to Cork's Simon Community.

Also going down around town this week:
  • The Dead Heavys in Crane Lane (Tuesday)
  • Talos in Connolly's (Thursday)
  • Brian Deady in The White Horse (Friday, 30th)
For a day-by-day breakdown of gigs taking place in both Cork city and county over the next three weeks see below.


Tuesday 20th December
- Elly O'Keefe, Coughlan's, 9pm, €10
- The Dead Heavys, Crane Lane, 11.55pm, FREE
- Acoustic Session, De Barra's (Clonakilty), 9.30pm, FREE

Wednesday 21st December
- Rubberbandits, Live at St. Luke's, 8pm, €25
- Jack O'Rourke, Coughlan's, 9pm, €15 SOLD OUT
- Niall Connolly, The White Horse (Ballincollig), 8.30pm, €10
- Christmas Sitting Room, De Barra’s, Clonakilty, 9pm, €5

Thursday 22nd December
- Rubberbandits, Live at St. Luke's, 8pm, €25
- Cork Improvised Music Club: Krautrock Christmas, Gulpd Cafe, 9.30pm, €3
- Sara Bear Ryan, Brú, 9pm, FREE
- Niall Connolly - Back in the Hob for Christmas, Levis' Corner House (Ballydehob), 8pm, €10
- Talos, Connolly's (Leap), 8pm, €13

Friday 23rd December
- Terriers, Ganglions and Temperance Parade, Fred Zeppelin’s, 9pm, €10 (all proceeds to Cork Simon Community)
- RiseUp: Soudsystem BYOB Bash w/ Shiv, Drokkr, Cuttin' Heads Collective & more, The Kino, 8pm, €7-€10
- Plugd X-mas Party: oOse & Donal Dineen, Triskel TDC, 10pm, €TBC
- Techno Fridays, Cyprus Avenue, 11pm, €6-€8
- Crow Black Chicken, Charlie's Bar, 10.30pm, FREE
- Natty Wailer, Crane Lane, 9pm, FREE
- Hatchett Job, Connolly’s (Leap), 8pm, FREE

Saturday 24th December
- Christmas Eve Party with Hank Wedel & Ray Barron, Charlie's Bar, 9.30pm, FREE
- Christmas Eve Cracker w/ special guests, Connolly's (Leap), 8pm, FREE

Sunday 25th December
Merry Xmas!

Monday 26th December
- John Daly, Minus, 10.30pm, €10/€12
- Bastardo Electrico Xmas Party, Cyprus Avenue, 10pm, €5-€8
- Cuttin’ Heads Xmas Party, Brú, 5pm, €TBC
- Hank Wedel & Ray Barron, Charlie's Bar, 9.30pm, FREE
- The Americhanics Monday Session, Coughlan's, 9pm, FREE
- Whiplash, Crane Lane, 9pm, FREE

Tuesday 27th December
- Daithí, Cyprus Avenue, 11pm, €12.50
- The Unknowns, Coughlan's, 9pm, FREE
- Ger Wolfe, Levis' Corner House (Ballydehob), 8pm, €10
- Bry - All ages show, De Barra's (Clonakilty), 6.30pm, €10

Wednesday 28th December
- Jerry Fish and Jack O’Rourke, Live at St. Luke's, 8pm, €20
- Kíla, Cyprus Avenue, 8pm, €17.50
- Ger Wolfe & The New Skylarks, l'Atitude 51, 9pm, €15
- Stephen Murphy, Cyprus Avenue, 11pm, €10
- Crow Black Chicken, Crane Lane, 11.55pm, FREE
- Saxy Lady Boys Christmas Special, Connolly’s (Leap), 8pm, €12

Thursday 29th December
- Hothouse Flowers and Lisa Lambe, Live at St. Luke's, 8pm, €27.50
- The Orange Kyte, The Sunshine Factory, Oh Boland and David Murray, The Kino, 8pm, €10
- Skazz, Crane Lane,  11.55pm, FREE
- Kíla, De Barra's (Clonakilty), 9pm, €20
- Daithí, Connolly’s (Leap), 8pm, €10
- Ger Wolfe and Paul Frost, Toon's Bridge, 8pm, €10

Friday 30th December
- Horse & Bisect 12" split launch, Triskel TDC, 9pm, €7
- Strange Attractor, Crane Lane, 9pm, FREE
- Brian Deady, The White Horse (Ballincollig), 8.30pm, €20

Saturday 31st December
- Mick Flannery, Cork Opera House, 7.30pm, €22.50
- Deep Blue New Year's Eve Session, Cyprus Avenue, 10pm, €12.50
- Gemma Sugrue Band,  Coughlan's, 10pm, FREE
- The Lace, Crane Lane, 9pm, FREE
- Two Time Polka, The White Horse (Ballincollig), 10pm, FREE
- iKarumba, Levis' Corner House (Ballydehob), 8pm, FREE
- De Barra's New Year's Eve Bash, De Barra's (Clonakilty), 7.30pm, €15

Sunday 1st January
- New Year’s Day Nirvana Special: Paradox Play In Utero in full, Crane Lane, Cork, 9pm, Free

Monday 2nd January
- Full Moon Club, The Abbey Tavern, 9.30pm, FREE
- Hank Wedel & Ray Barron, Charlie's Bar, 9.30pm, FREE
- Andy Dunne Full Circle, The Oliver Plunkett, 9.30pm, FREE

Tuesday 3rd January
- The Lee Sessions, The Cornerhouse, 9.30pm, FREE

Wednesday 4th January
- The Lee Sessions, The Gables, 9.30pm, FREE

Thursday 5th January
- John Spillane, De Barra's (Clonakilty), 9pm, €10

Friday 6th January
- Finbar Wright The Annual ‘Women’s Little Christmas Concert, Cork Opera House, 8pm, €33.50-€36
- Sillk, The Village Hall, 8.30pm, €13

Saturday 7th January
- Kayla & The Topmen, The Oliver Plunkett, 6pm, FREE
- The Lee Sessions, Sin É, 9.30pm, FREE

Sunday 8th January
- Lee Trad Music Session, Charlie's Bar, 3pm, FREE
- Open Mic at The Friary, The Friary, 9pm, FREE

Monday 9th January
- The Three Amigos, Cork Opera House, 8pm, €35
- Full Moon Club, The Abbey Tavern, 9.30pm, FREE
- Hank Wedel & Ray Barron, Charlie's Bar, 9.30pm, FREE
- Ó Bhéal - Poetry, Films and Music, The Long Valley, 8.30pm, FREE

Tuesday 10th January
- pSoken Wrod, De Barra's (Clonakilty), 8pm, FREE

Wednesday 11th January
- The Lee Sessions, The Gables, 9.30pm, FREE

Thursday 12th January
- The Bartok Project No. 4 - RTÉ Contempo Quartet, Triskel Christchurch, 8pm, €12-€15

Friday 13th January
- The Johnny Cash Roadshow, The Everyman, 8pm, €26

Saturday 14th January
- Kayla & The Topmen, The Oliver Plunkett, 6pm, FREE

Sunday 15th January
- Open Mic at The Friary, The Friary, 9pm, FREE

If I have forgotten a show or listed a gig incorrectly feel free to let me know! Please make sure to confirm gig details with the official site in advance.

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