Cork Gig Guide: 31st January-6th February

This week in Cork: Quarter Block Party '17, Interference with Glen Hansard & more...

Despite 2017 only being its third year, it feels like DIY festival Quarter Block Party has been the traditional wake-from-hibernation call for musicians and music fans alike for what seems like forever. Commandeering North and South Main Street for three days of art, music and theatre, QBP's big-hitters this year come in the contrasting forms of Brigid Mae Power, Sissy, Le Boom and Naive Ted with workshops, theatre, singalongs, talks and a whole lot more brightening up one of the oldest parts of Cork's city centre. Other artists signed up for the weekend include Myles Manley, Crevice, Lowry and recent Cork Music Show guest Lowli. For the full list of events, visit

Earlier in the week, an emotional night is guaranteed for Thursday as Glen Hansard and Interference celebrate the life of Interference singer Fergus O'Farrell in Cork Opera House.

Also going down around town this week:
  • The Prairie Jaywalkers begin a new bluegrass session in Coughlan's (Tuesday)
  • UCC Battle of the Bands continues with Heat 2 in Cyprus Avenue (Wednesday)
  • exmagician in Cyprus Avenue (Sunday)
For a day-by-day breakdown of gigs taking place in both Cork city and county over the next three weeks see below.


Tuesday 31st January
- Colm Wilkinson, Cork Opera House, 8pm, €45-€55
- The Prairie Jaywalkers, Coughlan's, 9pm, FREE

Wednesday 1st February
- UCC Battle of the Bands Heat 2, Cyprus Avenue, 8pm, €2
- Sitting Room Session, De Barra's (Clonakilty), 9pm, FREE

Thursday 2nd February
- Interference with Glen Hansard, Cork Opera House, 8pm, €35
Solace, Cyprus Avenue, 11pm, €7
- John Spillane, De Barra's (Clonakilty), 9pm, €10

Friday 3rd February
- Quarter Block Party, Various North & South Main Street Venues
QBP: Baby (7.30pm), Sky, Horse & Death (9.15pm), Ian Whitty (9.50pm), Brigid Mae Power (10.30pm) in St. Peter's, 7.30pm, €10
QBP: Myles Manley (8pm), ooSe (9pm), Wastefellow (10pm), Le Boom (11pm) in An Spailpin Fanach, 8pm, €7
QBP: Anna Mieke, Dowry in Plugd, 6.30pm, €5
- UCC Tradfest Trad Battle, Cyprus Avenue, 9pm, €5
QBP: Festival Club w/ Gash Collective in Gulpd, 10pm, FREE
QBP: Lowli in The Friary, 7pm, FREE
- Two Tone Buffalo, De Barra's (Clonakilty), 10.30pm, FREE

Saturday 4th February
- Quarter Block Party, Various North & South Main Street Venues
QBP: Arthur Itis (7.15pm), Not Earth (7.50pm), Crevice (8.30pm) in St. Peter's, 7.15pm, €10
QBP: Super Silly (9.45pm), Naive Ted (10.45pm) in The Roundy, 9.45pm, €10
QBP: Pale Rivers (8pm), Skinner (9pm), Ganglions (10pm), Sissy (11pm) in An Spailpin Fanach, 8pm, €7
QBP: Rowan in The Friary, 5.30pm, FREE
QBP: Festival Club w/ Dublin Digital Radio in Gulpd, 10pm, FREE
- King Kong Company, Connolly's (Leap), 8.30pm, €15

Sunday 5th February
- Quarter Block Party, Various North & South Main Street Venues
- Dense & Pika, Cyprus Avenue, 11pm, €20
- exmagician, Cyprus Avenue, 7.30pm, €12.50
QBP: Sing Along Social in Gulpd, 8pm, FREE
QBP: Gash Collective DJ workshops in Plugd, 3pm, FREE
- Open Mic at The Friary, The Friary, 9pm, FREE

Monday 6th February
- Full Moon Club, The Abbey Tavern, 9.30pm, FREE
- Hank Wedel & Ray Barron, Charlie's Bar, 9.30pm, FREE
- The Americhanics, Coughlan's, 9pm, FREE
- Ó Bhéal - Poetry, Films and Music, The Long Valley, 8.30pm, FREE

If I have forgotten a show or listed a gig incorrectly feel free to let me know! Please make sure to confirm gig details with the official site in advance.

- For more gigs and dates see the overall gig guide here
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