Cork Gig Guide: 21st-27th February

Karl Blau, Cyprus Avenue (Tuesay)
This week in Cork: Karl Blau, launch of This Must Be The Place, return of CorkLovesMusic & more...
With (supposedly) 40+ solo records under his belt, Karl Blau has come to prominence since the release of a collection of country songs on Introducing Karl Blau on Bella Union. See the Washington multi-instrumentalist in Cyprus Avenue this Tuesday.

For those looking to mix chats with tunes then look no further than #corklovesmusic, a gathering in Coughlan's to hear prominent members of the Cork music scene share their wisdom and hear Cork-based bands Sillk, The Sunshine Factory and Ghostking play live. Tickets were distributed online for FREE so if you're not on the list now it be tough to squeeze in on Wednesday night. The same evening sees the launch of This Must Be The Place, a month-long project of daily lunchtime and weekend events & activities in Cobh & the Great Island kicking off with some sea-shanties courtesy of The Molgoggers in Sirius Arts Centre.

Traditionally a trad-haunt, An Spailpin Fanach throws open its upstairs for an Urban Assault, a full day of metal featuring zh0ra, Emigra, Soothsayer & more. Starting early, (doors at 12pm) and finishing late, UA gives underagers the chance to catch some live music until 7pm with discounted u-18 tickets available. For those who prefer their folk, Roesy comes to Cork on a mini-tour taking a long weekend to visit De Barra's (Thursday), Connolly's (Friday) and Coughlan's (Sunday).

Also going down around town this week:
  • The Prairie Jaywalkers continue a new bluegrass session in Coughlan's (Tuesday)
  • Midge Ure in Cork Opera House (Thursday)
  • Quangodelic in The Kino (Saturday)
  • Ó Bhéal - Poetry, Films and Music in The Long Valley (Monday)
For a day-by-day breakdown of gigs taking place in both Cork city and county over the next three weeks see below.


Tuesday 21st February
- Karl Blau, Cyprus Avenue, 8pm, €15
- The Prairie Jaywalkers, Coughlan's, 9pm, FREE
Jazz Improv, Crane Lane, 8.30pm, FREE

This Must Be The Place, Sirius Arts Centre, 22nd Feb-26th Mar

Wednesday 22nd February
- #corklovesmusic with Sillk, The Sunshine Factory and Ghostking, Coughlan's, 8pm, FREE
- The Band Anna, Crane Lane, 11.55pm, FREE
This Must Be The Place launch w/ The Molgoggers, Sirius Arts Centre (Cobh), 6.30pm, FREE

Thursday 23rd February
- Midge Ure, Cork Opera House, 8pm, €36
- CIT Musical Society present: Green Day's American Idiot, Curtis Auditorium, Cork School of Music, 7.30pm, €10-€17
- Welshy, Cyprus Avenue, 11pm, €10
- Quangodelic, The Kino, 9pm, €10 (€5 before 10pm)
- Tanya Louise, Crane Lane, 10pm, FREE
- Roesy, De Barra's (Clonakilty), 9pm, €10

Friday 24th February
- CIT Musical Society present: Green Day's American Idiot, Curtis Auditorium, Cork School of Music, 7.30pm, €10-€17
- Ninetoes, Cyprus Avenue, 11pm, €12.50/€15
- Lonely & The Moose, Levis' Corner House (Ballydehob), 8pm, €TBC
- Hiva OA, De Barra's (Clonakilty), 10.30pm, FREE
- Roesy, Connolly's (Leap), 8.30pm, €10

Saturday 25th February
Urban Assault: zh0ra, Emigra, Soothsayer & more, An Spailpin Fanach, 12pm-late, €15 (€5 for u-18s until 7pm)
KilleKill Night Alienata and Umwelt, Cyprus Avenue, 11pm, €12.50
- CIT Musical Society present: Green Day's American Idiot, Curtis Auditorium, Cork School of Music, 7.30pm, €10-€17
Rebel Soundsystem Session #2, Amp, 10pm, €10
Masquerade at the Mardi Gras: Quangodelic, Connolly's (Leap), 8.30pm, €10
 Hiva OA, Crane Lane, 9pm, FREE

Sunday 26th February
- Roesy, Coughlan's, 9pm, €10- Hank Wedel, Crane Lane, 10pm, FREE
- Skazz, Crane Lane, 11.50pm, FREE
Open Mic, The Friary, 9pm, FREE

Monday 27th February
- The Americhanics, Coughlan's, 9pm, FREE
- Full Moon Club, The Abbey Tavern, 9.30pm, FREE
Ó Bhéal - Poetry, Films and Music, The Long Valley, 8.30pm, FREE

If I have forgotten a show or listed a gig incorrectly feel free to let me know! Please make sure to confirm gig details with the official site in advance.

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