Cork Music Show S07E09

The Cork Music Show playlist for Sunday 12th February...

The Cork Music Show brought a whole bundle of new tunes to Cork City Community Radio listeners on Sunday with new tracks from Neon Atlas, Jack O'Rourke, Milky Teeth and more broadcast between 2 and 3pm. Cork music fans/bands, send in your music/thoughts to

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Sunday's playlist:
  1. Switchblades Don't Sleep - Sillk
  2. Resonation Day - Carried By Waves
  3. Call Me Soon - Jonny Rep
  4. I'm Not Waiting - Freezerroom feat. Joe O'Leary
  5. The Afterglow - Neon Atlas
  6. 123 Marlene Enright
  7. Hungry Clouds - Fixity (playing Open Ear Festival in June)
  8. Naivety - Jack O'Rourke
  9. The Last Transmission - The Grey Merchant
  10. The Northline - John Blek
  11. Sleepiness And Weary Wit - Milky Teeth
  12. August 6th - Pale Rivers
  13. Bitter End - Hope Is Noise
  14. Sol - Luna - Astra - Rest
The majority of the music heard on The Cork Music Show is available to purchase from Plugd Records on the 1st Floor of Triskel Arts Centre, Tobin Street, Cork

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- Tune in to The Cork Music Show 2-3pm every Sunday on Cork City Community Radio (100.5FM) for an hour only of Cork-only rekkerds.
- If you know of any new Cork bands drop us a line at

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