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Wexford's Ian Doyle, a.k.a. The Man Whom, unveiled his solo self to Ireland with critically lauded debut, The Greatest Event, all the way back in 2011. An appearance on RTÉ's flagship music show Other Voices swiftly followed, with a sold-out concert - featuring a 60 piece orchestra from Cornell University in Ithaca, New York -  in the National Opera House topping off various tours before Doyle disappeared into the dust to put the finishing touches to the follow-up.

Recorded in New York, The Dancer from the Dance is scheduled for a 5th May release with the album receiving a limited edition handcrafted USB (wooden) release which will include extras, videos, live sessions, interviews and even a documentary about the making of the album. Listen exclusively to the first single, Four Hurdles, from his forthcoming  album The Dancer From The Dance using the player below.

The Man Whom completes the 3 Will tour triangle which heads out on a national tour commencing 3rd March 2017. A full list of dates is available on the official tour poster which can be seen below.

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- Four Hurdles by The Man Whom is available 1st March from the usual outlets
- The Dancer From The Dance, The Man Whom's second album, will be released 5th May 2017

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