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Austrian fiddle player chooses a selection of tunes ahead of Cork visit...

Claudia Schwab's second solo record, Attic Mornings, hit the shelves at the turn of the week with the Sligo-based composer/folkie gathering up a whole host of talented buddies to appear on the album. With two Cork dates on the way, Claudia picked out five tracks that have been buzzing in her ear recently.

1. Waterbound by Dirk Powell
It's the song that I sing about in The Song That Called Me Out of Here from my new CD. I had the honour of jamming with him years ago in Cork on a random night after a gig of his and was deeply inspired by his playing and personality. You can really feel his love for the music in every note he plays.

2. Crazy Night by HMBC (Holstuonarmusigbigbandclub)
I only discovered this band a couple of years ago when we were playing at the same festival in Austria and was blown away by their live show and regularly listen to their music at home ever since. I just went to their concert last week in Bavaria and am still on a high from it! Unfortunately they are splitting up in May. It's very exciting for me to to hear great new music from Austria and where different people go with the background of Austrian folk music (They play Austrian folk music too and yodel!) especially as I kind of have been out of touch with the Austrian music scene for the last few years.

3. Veere, Veere by Maarja Nuut
Maarja is a beautiful Estonian fiddle player and singer. I'd say the first about 20 times I heard this song I had to cry a little bit... I met her through the “Ethno Movement”, a fabulous musician!

4. Samhradh Samhradh by The Gloaming
I have been listening to this song over and over ever since their first album was released. I love this band and Iarla's voice just cuts through all sorts of universes and realities.

5. Please Don't Call Me by HBMC
Another great song by Austrian band HMBC.

Attic Mornings by Claudia Schwab is out now.

Upcoming Claudia Schwab dates in February:
  • Tue 14th - Sunflower Pub, Belfast 
  • Wed 15th - Bello Bar, Dublin w/ The BQ Trio
  • Thu 16th - The Tower Theatre, University of Limerick (lunchtime)
  • Thu 16th - De Barras, Clonakilty, West Cork
  • Fri 17th - Aula Maxima, University College Cork (lunchtime)
  • Sat 18th - “Homecoming Concert” at The Model, Sligo

For more on Claudia Schwab visit:

- Claudia Schwab's Attic Mornings is available from Bandcamp

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