The G-Man Playlist 662 St. Patrick's Day special

Image of CĂș Chulainn 'The Hound' courtesy of
All new. All great. All Irish. It's a special playlist for 17th March...

..featuring videos and tracks from:
#1 Clang Sayne - folk carved out of the wind.
#2 Barry McCormack - songs swirling with soul and life.
#3 Marlene Enright - pop stolen from slumber.
#4 The Man Whom - marching alt-folk with indie twist.
#5 The Gloaming - evocative, ethereal, eternal.
#6 Percolator - makers of pummelling melodies.
#7 Jealous of the Birds - indie wings only starting to stretch.
#8 Ellll - painting multi-layered landscapes with sounds and beats.
#9 AE MAK - pop that poings.
#10 Cian Nugent - wandering guitar virtuoso.
#11 The Altered Hours - nothing sounds as sweet as good rock 'n' roll.
#12 Katie Kim - folk through a dark kaleidoscope.
#13 Fixity - instrumental. experimental. phenomenal.
#14 Bitch Falcon - exhilarating rock. Consume live.
#15 Rusangano Family - Choice Music Prize winners. All roads point to Rusangano in 2017.

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