New album: Paddy Mulcahy

Paddy Mulcahy
New album from Limerick producer/composer...

On Thursday night I formed a quarter of the latest #corklovesmusic event, a panel discussing how to approach new and old media with the aim of spreading the word of an artist's work. It's tough getting your tunes to folks in the press, on radio, various websites but you just can't beat word of mouth. It was later that evening when sipping on a post-presentation cool stout that someone spoke glowingly about Limerick producer Paddy Mulcahy. Nils Frahm was mentioned as a reference so I took note. Just two days later an email lands in my inbox from Paddy himself and, with the personal reference stored away on the top shelf, I made an extra effort to open the mail and listen to the links.

Intelligent and tender, The Words She Said is a beautifully composed instrumental record combining organic touches with synthesized sounds that would already be in your collection if released under a name like Sjimon Siggurdsson. We touched on the topic briefly on Thursday night, press releases/emails/tweets etc are all well and good but make bloody good music and it will find its way. Listen.

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- The Words She Said by Paddy Mulcahy is available now

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