Saturday: Angel Olsen

Playlist #671 - an Angel Olsen special...

Signing off this week with a playlist dedicated to Angel Olsen tracks ahead of her visit to Cork Opera House tomorrow evening. Tickets still available here.

"a gorgeous-sounding record – the melodies are exquisite, the production airily pristine, and Olsen’s singing often supernaturally beautiful."
The Guardian

"The seductive harshness of Karen Dalton, the infectious langour of Mazzy Star, the clipped, sardonic intensity of the first two Cate LeBon albums..."

"Like Cohen, Olsen’s most striking talent is her ability to make rough, earthy-sounding music that touches metaphysical realms."

"I wonder if you'll hear a more urgent and wonderful record this year"
Monocle (On Record review)

"That's where the light gets into Olsen's work:
beyond her gorgeous guitar, whether sawdust punk, reverb-laden slow dance 
or near-silent reverie, it's in the way she's been steeled by sorry, a process of
galvanising that never ends."

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