Plugd & Gulpd - bye for now

Just over 6 years since the excitement of plugd re-opening in Triskel Arts Centre...

It's just over 6 years since the excitement of plugd re-opening in Triskel Arts Centre - followed shortly by the addition of Gulpd Cafe - lifted everyone in Cork immensely. Like an odd type of hairy tour guide I have always been so proud to bring visiting friends, family and bands into a space that created such a relaxed atmosphere and overall provided an essential safe-space away from the chains and "super"-pubs that continue to whitewash Cork's unique characteristics. It was the first place I landed every Saturday morning and many weekends tended to still be there come Saturday night (maybe even an odd Sunday morning...)

From attending so many amazing shows (Cal Folger Day, Paddy Steer, The Space Lady and Circuit des Yeux are the first to spring to mind) to celebrating Record Store Day for the past 6 Aprils to little cameo DJ slots in Gulpd and Plugd I have nothing but the warmest memories. Looking back I've even had the privilege of putting on shows in every part of the building including Marisa Anderson, Seamus Fogarty Music, John Blek, Ryley Walker, Brigid Mae Power, This Is The Kit and Dott.

Although not feeling very hopeful this week, it is this treasurebox of memories that will take me forward, coupled with the fact that the last time Plugd closed it came back with a Gulpd so who knows...

It's difficult not to speak about Plugd and Gulpd in selfish "I" and "me" terms but that's been the magic of the place. There are hundreds of people in Cork who consider Plugd and Gulpd "theirs" which is a testament to the heart and soul pumped into both places by all involved.
Thanks so much Jim, Albert, Chris, Izabela, Chris, Doxy and everyone who helped to turn a couple of small rooms into the city's creative centre.

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