Festival: Cork Sound Fair

Second new festival announcement for Cork...

Following on from last week's It Takes A Village announcement, a second Cork arts and music festival has been confirmed for early 2018. Based in two historic locations -  St Peter's on North Main Street and Cork City Gaol, Sunday’s Well - Cork Sound Fair will feature 16+ experimental performers across 23rd and 24th March. Founded as a non-profit event, CSF will include sets from African Fiction, StaticRobert Curgenven and Autumns in St. Peters Church, a sound installation  by artists Kevin Callaghan and Thomas Penc on 23rd followed by live performances by Davy Kehoe, Dream Cycles, Ellenberger Trio, Nadir, Soft Stone and Beatrice Dillon in Cork City Gaol on 24th.

To fund/purchase tickets for the event, see fundit.

For more on Cork Sound Fair visit:

- Cork Sound Fair takes place in Cork 23rd-24th March 2018

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