The Cork Music Show 2018 Episode 1

The Cork Music Show playlist for Monday 26th Feb...

Playing the best and brightest from Cork City and county, The Cork Music has switched to a new slot, playing out in the Cork City area on 100.5FM every Monday night from 8pm-9.30pm with online listeners able to listen here. Congratulations to Lisa O'Grady who won a pair of Sunday day tickets for It Takes A Village (featuring The Altered Hours, Brian Deady, Young Fathers and more). The full playlist for Monday's show is below:

Monday's playlist:
  1. Give Him a Ball (And a Yard of Grass) - Sultans of Ping
  2. Make It Rain - O Emperor
  3. WOMAN - Shookrah (playing ITAV in April)
  4. Clap Both My Hands - Brian Deady (playing ITAV in April)
  5. It Pours - Anna Mitchell (new album Anna Mitchell out now)
  6. Lace - John Blek
  7. Little Things - Marlene Enright (playing Connolly's Friday 2nd March)
  8. Shatterproof - Laurie Shaw (playing The Roundy Thursday 1st March)
  9. Just Us - Outside Yp
  10. The Book - Alrol√°n
  11. Ancestor - The Bonk
  12. Running - Fred
  13. Upstanding - Dry Roasted Peanuts (new EP Former Child Stars out now)
  14. Avert Your Eyes - Any Joy (playing The Roundy Thursday 1st March)
  15. Hard Hand To Hold - Willy Mason (playing Coughlans/Connollys this week)
  16. I Love You, Sadie - Wyvern Lingo (playing Live at St. Luke's Saturday)
  17. In Heart - Crevice (playing ITAV in April)
  18. All These Things - Anna Mitchell
  19. Over The Void - The Altered Hours (new EP On My Tongue out 9th March)

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- Tune in to The Cork Music Show 8-9.30pm every Monday on Cork City Community Radio (100.5FM) for 90 minutes of Cork-only rekkerds.
- If you know of any new Cork bands drop us a line at

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