The Cork Music Show 2018 #2

The Cork Music Show playlist for Monday 5th March...

Limerick-born, Cork-based songwriter Elaine Malone was our special studio guest last night, treating Cork Music Show listeners to a couple of live tunes and a chat ahead of the release of her upcoming EP and this week's International Women's Weekend extravaganza in The Roundy. Congratulations to the winner of a pair of David Kitt tickets in De Barra's this Sunday. The full playlist for Monday's show is below:

Monday's playlist:
  1. Avert Your Eyes - Any Joy
  2. August 6th - Pale Rivers (playing The Roundy Friday 4th May)
  3. Colour of the Holy Sun - The Shaker Hymn (playing The Roundy Friday 4th May)
  4. Make It Rain - O Emperor (playing Merakindie 1st Birthday in Connolly's 31st March)
  5. No Blood - Elaine Malone (live performance)
  6. Ancestor - The Bonk
  7. You - Elaine Malone
  8. Stupid Hipster - Elaine Malone (live performance)
  9. Over The Void - The Altered Hours (new EP On My Tongue out 9th March)
  10. She Was the Sea - God Alone (playing Freds Saturday 10th March)
  11. Log Bomb - Bob Log III (playing De Barra's Wed, Crane Lane Thurs 8th March)
  12. Like Lightning - David Kitt (playing De Barra's Sunday 11th March)
  13. Euphoric Recall - Sara Ryan (playing Cyprus Avenue Thursday 8th March as part of International Women's Day)
  14. Little Things - Marlene Enright (nominated for Choice Album of the Year)
  15. Tethered Bones - Talos (nominated for Choice Album of the Year)
  16. Veronica - Sultans of Ping
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