Collisions at Cyprus

Robert Curgenven

Curgenven & Kirwan combine for multi-sensory session...

Audio artists Robert Curgenven and Darren Kirwan have teamed up to present their "own custom-developed systems to deliver a spectacle that threatens to disturb, provoke and transform its viewers: subsonic frequencies, precision sound design, synaesthetic light projections and fog create an unforgettable multi-sensory experience.”

Presented by Cork independent promoter Merakindie, COLLISIONS will examine Cyprus Avenue's brand new sound-system thoroughly with Curgenven performing his work, 'Interference', and Kirwan presenting his piece, 'in.stance' on Thursday 6th December.

For more on Robert Curgenven visit:

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- Collisions takes place in Cyprus Avenue, 8pm, Thursday 6th December
- Tickets are priced at €10 and available from merakindie

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