On Tour: Peter Broderick

Broderick back in Cork...

To celebrate the exhibition of New York-based Irish artist Brian O’Doherty’s One Here Now: The Brian O’Doherty/Patrick Ireland Project, former Efterklang multi-instrumentalist Peter Broderick will use a variety of different instruments and sounds to transform O’Doherty’s nine-part series of spectacular, floor-to-ceiling wall paintings into a musical score. Having fulfilled a residency at one of Ireland’s most idyllic creative centres, Broderick is intimately in tune with Sirius so expect striking results.*

*As initially published in Totally Cork (November edition)

For more on Peter Broderick visit:

- Peter Broderick at Sirius Arts Centre Saturday, 17th November 2018
- Tickets are €15 and available at siriusartscentre.ie

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