The Cork Music Show 2019 #3

Eve Clague
The Cork Music Show playlist for Sunday 17th February...

New music from Lyra, Talos and Mick Flannery on last night's show. The full playlist for Sunday's show is below:

Sunday's playlist:
  1. The Light Upon Us - Talos (Far Out Dust out now)
  2. GrĂ¡inne Cotter - Memories (playing Coughlan's Sunday 17th Feb)
  3. Falling - Lyra
  4. Myth - Jack O'Rourke (playing Cyprus Avenue Friday 1st Mar)
  5. Ex-Factor - Lauryn Hill (playing Irish Independent Park Wed 26th Jun)
  6. 123 - Marlene Enright (playing Coughlans Friday 8th Mar) 
  7. Don't Worry About Me - Pale Rivers
  8. Guilty Guilty - Any Joy
  9. In Needing Others - Eve Clague
  10. Tokyo - Ghostking Is Dead
  11. GO SLOW. - Happyalone.
  12. Eloise - Brian Deady
  13. Teen Age Riot - Sonic Youth (SY film night Triskel 1st March see here)
  14. Keep It Whole - Anna Mieke
  15. Way of Sorrow - The Altered Hours
Playing the best and brightest from Cork City and county, The Cork Music has switched to a new slot, playing out in the Cork City area on 100.5FM every Sunday night from 7pm-8pm with online listeners able to listen here

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- Tune in to The Cork Music Show 7-8pm every Sunday on Cork City Community Radio (100.5FM) for 90 minutes of Cork-only rekkerds.
- If you know of any new Cork bands drop us a line at

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