The Cork Music Show 2019 #9

The Cork Music Show playlist for Sunday 14th April...

Sunday night's show was all about new releases with The Shaker Hymn, Fintan McKahey and Anna Mieke all putting new music out into the world. Purchase The Sea by Any Joy now over on Bandcamp. Any Joy and Pale Rivers play The Corner House, Friday 26th April. The full playlist for Sunday's show is below.

Sunday's playlist:
  1. Who's Saving Who - The Altered Hours
  2. The Sea - Any Joy
  3. In Needing Others - Eve Clague
  4. God Games - Fintan McKahey
  5. The Hearts of Some - The Shaker Hymn
  6. Love is in the Lost and Found - Ger Wolfe
  7. Creature - Anna Mieke
  8. I'm Going to Let You Down - Damsel
  9. Broken Ladders - Meghan Murray
  10. Lowlands of Holland - Ye Vagabonds
  11. Oom Sha La La - Haley Heynderickx (playing Plugd Friday 19th April)
  12. Wayfarers - Sans Chateaux
  13. A Long and Awkward Day - Míde Houlihan
  14. The Shape of the Sea - The Shaker Hymn
Playing the best and brightest from Cork City and county, The Cork Music has switched to a new slot, playing out in the Cork City area on 100.5FM every Sunday night from 7pm-8pm with online listeners able to listen here

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