The Cork Music Show 2019 #18

The Cork Music Show playlist for Sunday 30th June...

Sunday night's show featured the latest music from Cork-based alt-pop group Lowlek, Coughlans Live Music Festival announcement and the usual Cork gig guide new. The full playlist for Sunday's show is below.

Sunday's playlist:
  1. Holy Fool - O Emperor
  2. PEPSI - ELLLL (plays Electric, Galway w/ Boys Noize, 27th Jul)
  3. See Me - Talos (Live at St Lukes 13th & 14th Dec)
  4. My Baby's Dead - Elaine Malone
  5. The Sea - Any Joy
  6. Sink In - Lowlek (play Plugd upstairs in The Roundy, 12th Jul)
  7. The Blackwater - John Blek (plays Cyprus Avenue 8th Aug)
  8. Come Find Me - Mick Flannery (new album 5th Jul)
  9. 1234 - Feist (plays Sounds From a Safe Harbour, 14th Sep)
  10. 123 - Marlene Enright (plays Cyprus Avenue 8th Aug)
  11. Young Naive Me - Eve Clague (plays Levis TONIGHT, Coughlans Live Music Fest Sept)
  12. Idle Mind - Anna Mieke
  13. Brother (Love in Flight) - The Shaker Hymn
  14. Love is in the Lost & Found - Ger Wolfe (play Nano Nagle Place, 12th Jul)
Playing the best and brightest from Cork City and county, The Cork Music has switched to a new slot, playing out in the Cork City area on 100.5FM every Sunday night from 7pm-8pm with online listeners able to listen here

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