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Latest episode of TAND online...

Season two of Ireland's favourite independent visual music show appeared online in time for Christmas Day but it's taken me longer than most to catch up with the latest episode. From the astounding performance by John Francis Flynn to the shop-window brilliance of Myles Manley, Donal Dineen and Myles O'Reilly's This Ain't No Disco is nothing short of beautiful. A voluntarily made live music showcase, TAND exists to represent "some of the most talented but under-represented and hard to pigeonhole musical visionaries in Ireland."

The sheer volume of hours, skill and dedication to create such a wonderful document cannot be underestimated. To contribute, fans and admirers alike may support the show by becoming patrons over on I've chosen to sign-up today as I feel a world with TAND is a prettier place to live.

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