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One becomes three as Gaze is Ghost release new tune...

The Gaze is Ghost family has grown, adding blog favourite Slow Place Like Home's Keith Mannion and Scottish drummer Casey Miller, also of Zed Penguin to join composer and singer Laura McGarrigle.

Filmed by Miller and featuring French dancer Blanche Laviale, Abacus is the brand new video to the first single to feature creative input from Mannion. Words on the track from McGarrigle lie below:

 ‘Any hope I have lies in community, and that has never been clearer to me than this past week. As scary as these times are, I have been struck by the outpouring of kindness and creativity, the local groups springing up that are trying to look after the most vulnerable in the community, and that gives me hope.’

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- Abacus by Gaze is Ghost is available to purchase on Bandcamp

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