Cork Releases 2017

Album/EP Releases from Cork in 2017:

Time is a Clock - Sillk

Cycles - Any Joy

Placemats & Second Cuts - Marlene Enright

Wild Alee - Talos

Shiny Silvery Things - Cormac O'Caoimh
Clich├ęs - Shookrah
The Faraway - Saint Caoilian

Catharsis, Vol. 1 - John Blek

The Bonk Seems To Be a Verb - The Bonk

In Heat Not Sorry - The Altered Hours
Boy on The Rocks EP - Damsel
Non Fiction - Brian Deady
Her Kind - Morning Veils (late Dec '15)
Life is Good - Senior Infants
Resolute - Carried By Waves
Songs for the Walking Wounded - The Frank & Walters
Not Earth - Not Earth
Do You Think You're Clever - The Shaker Hymn
Hinterland - Slow Motion Heroes
Limit of Our Sight - Ealadha
Exit: Pursued by a Bear II - Exit: Pursued By a Bear
Wishing Well - Nicole Maguire
You'll Know - Roslyn Steer
Music For Karla Turner - Sky, Horse and Death
WhytFaux: The Conman & Slim - Chris Power
Demons Hope Is Noise
O Sanctum - Talos
Neglected Ambient Shirts Vol 1Arthuritis
Slap and Begone - Lowlek
Cut The Light John Blek
Shift America - Senior Infants
Down the Rabbit Hole W!ld
I Own You Mick Flannery
Join Me at the Table - Clare Sands
Move - Bantum
The Trees - Chris Power
Romance EP - ELLLL
The Things in the Room Fixity
Just Came Down From Heaven - Circuits of Heaven