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For some mad reason I am extremely fortunate to be contacted by a crazy number of bands and artists so apologies in advance if I do not get back to anyone.

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My name is Gary Meyler. This site was originally created with intentions of sharing new music with friends from home, hence the ridiculous nickname with which I was labelled during my teens: The G-Man. The idea quickly snowballed as posts kept a comin' (or a goin') and little extras such as gig guides, interviews and reviews and - for some mad reason altogether - fellow music lovers started to check in quite frequently.

Other stuff I get up to: published freelance journalist, monthly contributor to Insert Title magazine in the form of Incoming with The G-Man, stand-in host of Green on Red on Cork's Red FM, Cork Music Show host on 100.5FM, podcaster (e.g. Curious Broadcast) and a little bit of gig promotion.

This is a non-profit site and all posts come directly from me. If you would like to say hello, simply pop a mail to info[at]thegmanworld[dot]com

If you have stumbled on to the site by accident why not take a look-see at the home page and see if anything tickles your fancy. Either way, thanks for visiting!

Time for some trumpet blowing:
  • The blog was nominated for Blog Awards Ireland in the Best Music Blog category in both 2012 and 2013
  • The G-Man made up one quarter of a four-person panel (featuring world famous blogger Nialler9 amongst others) at Hard Working Class Heroes 2012 (video below)
  • The site now has well over 500,000 views.
blog awards ireland