Home: Irish Releases that have spoiled my ears over the past 12 months

Wexford i.e. Home courtesy of Kenny Ruttledge

It has been listmania these past few days as I finally got around to posting my top 50 albums of 2011. Although none made the top 10 it did feel great to include four Irish albums (Squarehead, Tieranniesaur, Little xs For Eyes and Fionn Regan) in amongst the brilliant likes of PJ Harvey, Low and Radiohead. Yet the list was restricted to albums (no EPs), a very limited number of i.e. 50, and obviously records that were only released in 2011...

Seeing as I have had the pleasure to listen to some outstanding homegrown releases over the past twelve months or so, I would feel incredibly guilty if I didn't get to at least tip my hat to those in question who slog against the odds to make some wonderful ear candy.

In no particular order (including those who made the nifty fifty) the below are links to 20 excellent Irish bands and artists that I have plain out enjoyed over the past 12 months.

The Altered Hours (pyschadelic pop) - Official website

Leaflog (Instrumental rock) - Official website

Little xs for Eyes (pop) - Official website

Squarehead (indie pop) - Official website

Slow Motion Heroes (doom pop) - Official website

Hello Moon (dreampop) - Official website

Ten Past Seven (instrumental bogprog) - Official website

Tieranniesaur (alternative pop) - Official website

The Great Balloon Race (indie jazz) - Official website

Overhead, The Albatross (postrock) - Official website

Agitate The Gravel (altpop) - Official website

Wilderness Years by Agitate the Gravel

Monorail (alt-country) - Official website

Monorail feat.Gemma Hayes - Hearts of Gold by MonorailMusic

Private Underground Residence (post-rock) - Official website

Private Underground Residence - Snuffbox by P.U.Residence

Owensie (alt-folk) - Official website

Lamp (prog rock) - Official website

Paul Creane & The Changing Band (folk) - Official website