FIFA Records showcase

FIFA free-for-all in The Pav...

Cork indie label FIFA Records are set to host a banquet of newly signed talent on Carey's Lane on Monday night with the entry charge set at a very reasonable €0. The Vincents, Saint Yorda and The Hard Ground were all recently announced as newcomers to the FIFA stable with The Vincents first out of the blocks in 2013 with the release of single 'Asked Her To The Dance', currently streaming exclusively on the blog here.

There is actually loads in the way of Cork/Munster music news so here's a quick summary:
  • Wandering folk minstrel Niall Connolly - ahead of the release of sixth studio album Sound - will release preceding single 'Samurai' on 22nd Februrary with the Brooklyn-based songsmith stopping off in the Spring for an album launch date in Half Moon Theatre on 20th April. Tickets are priced €12-€15 and available from the Half Moon box office
  • Limerick lads Protobaby release double A-side 'Microchip'/'Nobody Knows' on 1st March with a whole host of following live dates booked for Ireland and the UK. See list of dates and venues here.
  • Last but not least The Vincents also officially set 'Asked Her To The Dance' free in the wilds on 1st March with a return date to The Pavilion, this time in the main venue - booked for 9th March.

Stream The Vincents'  'Asked Her To The Dance' using the soundcloud player below.

For more on FIFA Records visit:

- The Vincents, Saint Yorda and The Hard Ground play The Pavilion's downstairs bar Monday, 11th February
- Entry is free

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