New album: Colleen Green

I've just fallen head over heels for stoner-pop. Who'd of thunk it...

March 19th sees Colleen Green release début record Sock It To Me on U.S. indie label Hardly Art (also home to Seattle indie popsters Seapony) and the ten-track introduction to the Oaklandian that "is long hair and getting high" is soaped up punk-pop at its best. Robotic handclaps, unwavering drum machines and pop hooks a-plenty, Sock It To Me is - to go all arty - pretty bloody brilliant.

"You don't have to make up your mind now" implores Green. Thirty seconds into fuzztastic single 'Time in the World' and I already have. Intoxicatingly addictive pop juice that I just can't get enough of.

Full tracklist for Sock It To Me:

01. Only One
02. Time in the World
03. You're So Cool
04. Close to You
05. Sock it to Me
06. Darkest Eyes
07. Heavy Shit
08. Every Boy Wants a Normal Girl
09. Taxi Driver
10. Number One

For more on Colleen Green visit:

- Sock It To Me by Colleen Green is out on Hardly Art on 19th March
- For US tour dates see here

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