New: Amiina's Lighthouse Project

As ever, Amiina continue to be a beacon of light...

Those wonderful Icelandic melody maidens (and now also men of course) Amiina are to release a new EP recorded entirely - and written specifically for lighthouses visited on an unusual tour about four years ago. A combination of new and old including a lighthouse version of the late Lee Hazlewood's 'Leather and Lace'. Scheduled for release in June, the Lighthouse Project will be released on vinyl accompanied by a 22 page illustrated booklet. Until then, take a look at the full tracklisting and two very special preview videos below.

Full tracklisting:

1. Perth
2. Hilli (lighthouse version)
3. Bíólagið
4. Leather and Lace
5. Kola (lighthouse version)
6. n65°16,21 w13°34,49

For more on Amiina visit:

- Amiina's Lighthouse Project EP will be released in June
- To read a past interview with Amiina click here

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