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Long weekend, empty wallet...

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I went a wandering about the country this weekend and, rather than be sure of decent meals until the end of the month, I opted to go on a bit of a spending spree in the capital so this week's Purchases post will come in two parts with the first post/purchases courtesy of Dublin's Freebird Records. I promised myself ages ago that I would only pick up a copy of #1 Record on vinyl, and lo and behold the Secret Book & Record Shop (now home to FB Records of course) finally let me get a proper listen to Alex Chilton and co.'s 1972 seminal disc which would go on to provide a blueprint for nineties alt-country crooners. Fitting then that Being There turned out to be the record's bag partner upon leaving the shop:

Big Star - #1 Record

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Wilco - Being There

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- Freebird Records can be located within the Secret Book & Record Shop at 15A Wicklow St, Dublin 2 Ireland (Ireland)
- To take a looksy at previous purchases click here

Want to share your own musical purchases? Feel free to comment below. Otherwise try check out your local independent record stores whenever you can. If in the Republic of Ireland why not mosey on down and give your record player something to eat at:
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