Setlist: The Staves at End of the Road 2013

The Staves on The Garden Stage
"We've got boys now. Men..."

Fond tales of Harlequin Shopping Centre, severed thumbs and Jessica Fletcher: an average afternoon spent in the company of Watford's finest then. Featuring mostly compositions from d├ębut long-spinner Dead & Born & Grown, Camilla, Jessica and Emily's assured and engaging Garden Stage performance was one of the highlights of End of the Road 2013 with the Staveley sisters making the step up from 2011's Tipi Tent appearance with graceful ease.
Full Setlist
01. Gone Tomorrow (Dead & Born & Grown)
02. The Motherlode (Dead & Born & Grown)
03. Pay Us No Mind (Dead & Born & Grown)
04. The Blood I Bled (New song)
05. Icarus (Mexico EP)
06. Mexico (Dead & Born & Grown)
07. In The Long Run (Dead & Born & Grown)
08. Facing West (Dead & Born & Grown)
09. Tongue Behind My Teeth (Dead & Born & Grown)
10. Wisely & Slow (Dead & Born & Grown)
11. Winter Trees (Dead & Born & Grown)
12. Eagle Song (Dead & Born & Grown)

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