New album: Angel Olsen

Return of Angel...

Missouri-born but Chicago based singer Angel Olsen will return in the new year with Burn Your Fire For No Witness, the follow-up to the breathtaking Half Way Home. This will be the first release Olsen, who captured Cork hearts with a visit to Leeside in May of this year (recap here), has made since signing for Jagjaguwar with a preview of what is expected to be a fuller band sound available in the form of 'Forgiven/Forgotten', which can be streamed at the bottom of this post.

Tracklisting for Burn Your Fire For No Witness:

01. Unfucktheworld
02. Forgiven/Forgotten
03. Hi-Five
04. White Fire
05. High & Wild
06. Lights Out
07. Stars
08. Iota
09. Dance Slow Decades
10. Enemy
11. Windows

For more on Angel Olsen visit:

- Burn Your Fire For No Witness by Angel Olsen will be released on 18th February 2014
- Pre-order now over on Jagjaguwar

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