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That lovely sod's made himself a pod...

This blog sends a big happy birthday to Ray Wingnut* Wingnut Records way as the unstoppable, Galway-based champion of Irish-music celebrates three years of doors open this month. Not only has the independent retailer survived perilous financial times, but it has grown into a five-store operation with four other stores dotted around the country in Limerick, Waterford, Athlone and now Dublin. With times so tough for music retailers, it's even more impressive that Wingnut pretty much stock only Irish music and to help further the cause even more Ray has just launched a monthly podcast that can be streamed or downloaded for absolutely nothing.

Featuring Anna McCarthy from Dott as the show's first guest and music from Katie Kim and Bisect, take a listen to 'Wingnut Records Monthly Podcast #1' simply by pressing play on the player below.

*I heard a ridiculous rumour once that Ray's actual surname is Cuddihy. Ludicrous.

The full list of Wingnut stores:

Wingnut Records (Galway) - 
(Located in The Bell, Book and Candle at Small Crane)

Wingnut Records (Dublin) - 
(Located in Musicmaker on Exchequer Street)

Wingnut Records (Limerick) - 
(Located in Moviedrome, Henry Street)

Wingnut Records (Waterford) - 
(Located in Hard Times, 2 Peter Street - just at the entrance to City Square)

Wingnut Records Athlone (Westmeath) - 
(Located within The Sound Factory)

For more on Wingnut Records visit:

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