EOTR vs EP: Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Tick tock...

Whether you are a Larmer Tree loyal or a Picnic fanatic, make sure to catch this artist. For a full explanation on this series of posts, click here.

Who?: Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Why?: To find out if lo-fi can be funky. Spoiler alert. It can, thanks to U.S./New Zealand dudes Unknown Mortal Orchestra. And they're signed to Jagjaguwar who are hogging all the great bands these days.
End of the Road stage: Big Top (Saturday 30th)
Electric Picnic stage: TBC - Friday 29th or Sunday 31st

For more on Unknown Mortal Orchestra visit:

- Unknown Mortal Orchestra play both Electric Picnic and End of the Road taking place on opposite sides of the Irish from 29th-31st August

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