Weekly Cork Gig Guide: 20th-26th January 2015

The Vespertine Quintet
This week in Cork..

Hold tight people, the barren escape doors of January are nearly in sight, so close I can almost taste the neon glow of the "EXIT" sign on my tongue. Some shows have started popping up here and there though including the fascinating collaboration between west Cork collective The Vespertine Quintet and Liam Ó'Maonlaí in Coughlan's on Monday evening (and De Barra's on Sunday).

Also going down around town this week:
For a day-by-day breakdown of gigs taking place in both Cork city and county over the next three weeks see below.

Tuesday, 20th January 
- Jazz Improv (9pm), Hank Wedel (11.30pm) in The Crane Lane Theatre

Wednesday, 21st January 
- Black Pope (11.30pm) in The Crane Lane Theatre

Thursday, 22nd January 
- Duke Special and SOAK in Coughlan's

Friday, 23rd January 
- Sunil Sharpe & Defekt in Cyprus Avenue
- Single launch: Spacecake in Fred Zeppelin's
- Duke Special in De Barra's (Clonakilty)

Saturday, 24th January 
- Paradox and Reverend Green Goes To Jail (9pm) in The Crane Lane Theatre

Sunday, 25th January 
- John O'Connor & Anna Mitchell in Coughlan's
- Sunday Sessions (6pm) in The Roundy
- The Vespertine Quintet with Liam Ó'Maonlaí in De Barra's (Clonakilty)

Monday, 26th January 
- The Vespertine Quintet with Liam Ó'Maonlaí in Coughlan's
- The KC Sessions (8.30pm), Stone Mad (11.30pm) in The Crane Lane Theatre

If I have forgotten a show or listed a gig incorrectly feel free to let me know! Please make sure to confirm gig details with the official site in advance.

Coming in 2015:
5th Feb - Phronesis in Triskel Christchurch
6th-8th Feb - Quarter Block Party: O Emperor, Cian Nugent, Shookrah & more in Various Venues

18th Feb - Ólafur Arnalds in Triskel Christchurch
3rd March - Ryan Adams in Cork Opera House
13th March - All We Are in Cyprus Avenue

22nd May - Sinead O'Connor in Cork Opera House

- For more gigs and dates see the overall gig guide here
- For those more interested in independent cinema visit the Triskel cinema listings here

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