Cork Gig Guide

Quarter Block Party! (6th-9th February)

Thursday 6th February
Slow Readers Club, Cyprus Avenue, 7.30pm, €15
Pop-Up Klezmer, Maureens, 9pm, €Donate
QBP: Irish History Podcast, The Kino, 8pm, €10
John Spillane, De Barras (Clonakility), 9pm, €15

Friday 7th February
QBP: Fears, Autre Monde and CMAT, Plugd @ The Roundy, TBCpm, €10
QBP: The Bonk, Myles Manley and Soft Focus, The Kino, 8.30pm, €14
QBP: John Francis Flynn and An Taobh Eile, Coughlans, 8.30pm, €12.50
QBP: Gyda Valtysdottir, Dreamcycles & Mark Waldron Hyden, Spailpín Fánach, 7.30pm, €15
Daithí, De Barras (Clonakility), 9.30pm, €12

Saturday 8th February
QBP: God Alone, Melts and Pretty Happy Spailpín Fánach, 9pm, €10
QBP: Post Punk Podge & The Technohippies and Jar Jar Jr., The Kino, 8.30pm, €14
QBP: Lemoncello and Maija Sofia, Coughlans, 3.30pm, €12

Sunday 9th February
QBP: Aoife Nessa Frances and Elaine Howley, Coughlans, 3.30pm, €12
QBP: Ping Pong, The Kino, 3-11pm, €TBC
Ilse de Ziah, Dara O'Brien & Jorge Kachmari, Maureens, 9pm, €
Guinness Jazz ClubCoughlans, 7pm, FREE

Friday 14th February
Aoife Blake, Coughlans, 9pm, €10

Saturday 15th February
Barry McCormack, Coughlans, 7pm, €10
Sara Ryan, Winthrop Avenue, 7.30pm, €10
Fionn Regan, Connollys (Leap), 8pm, €20

Thursday 20th February
Daoirí Farrell, Winthrop Avenue, 7.30pm, €15
Nuadán, Maureens, 9pm, €Donation
Friday 21st February
RHRN: Marlene Enright, Coughlans, 9.30pm, €12
RHRN: Toucan, Cyprus Avenue, 7.30pm, €15
RHRN: Fixity w/ DJ set from Cathal & Elaine (Altered Hours), Green Room @ Cork Opera House, 7.30pm, €10
RHRN: Donal Dineen DJ set, Green Room @ Cork Opera House, 11pm, €5

Saturday 22nd February
RHRN: Mick Flannery and Valerie June, Cork Opera House, 8pm, €25
Percolator and No Spill Blood, The Kino, 9pm, €10
RHRN: Junior Brother, Coughlans, 3.30pm, €12.50
RHRN: Anna Mieke and Caoilian Sherlock, Green Room @ Cork Opera House, 6pm, €10

Sunday 23rd February
RHRN: Arborist, Coughlans, 8pm, €10
RHRN: Junior Brother, Coughlans, 3.30pm, €12.50

Thursday 27th February
Cory Wong (Vulfpeck), Cyprus Avenue, 7.30pm, €20
Leah Sohotra, Coughlans, 9pm, €15
Sara Corkery & Siona Knepper, Maureens, 9pm, €Donation

Friday 28th February
Alex Borstein and the Amstergang, Cyprus Avenue, 7.30pm, €20

Saturday 29th February
Lisa Hannigan, Sea Church (Ballycotton), 8pm, €26.50

Sunday 1st March
Lyra, Cyprus Avenue, 8pm, €14

Thursday 5th March
The Calling, Cyprus Avenue, 7.30pm, €20
Ruti Lachs, Maureens, 9pm, €Donation

Friday 6th March
Cry Monster Cry, Coughlans, 9pm, €12.50

Friday 7th March
Girl Band, Cyprus Avenue, 7.30pm, €28
John Blek, Triskel, 8pm, €17

Saturday 8th March
Mick Flannery, Sea Church (Ballycotton), 8pm, €26.50

Thursday 12th March
And So I Watch You From Afar, Cyprus Avenue, 7.30pm, €17.50

Tuesday 17th March
Lankum, Cork Opera House, 8pm, €25

Friday 20th March
Junk Drawer, Robocobra and Icebear (ft. Olivia Furey), Plugd @ The Roundy, 9pm, €TBC

Friday 27th March
Stephanie Rainey, Cyprus Avenue, 7.30pm, €22.50

Friday 3rd April
Happyalone, Cyprus Avenue, 7.30pm, €10

Saturday 4th April
The Lost Brothers, St. Lukes, 8pm, €24

Saturday 18th April
God is an Astronaut, Cyprus Avenue, 7.30pm, €22.50

Saturday 2nd May
Nathaniel Rateliff, Cork Opera House, 8pm, €32

It Takes a Village (8th-10th May)

Thursday 14nd May
Kneecap, Cork Opera House, 8pm, €21

Thursday 28th May
Fontaines DC, Live at the Marquee, €38, 8pm

*All dates subject to change