Cork Jazz 2016: Saturday running order

Saturday listings for Cork Jazz Festival 2016

With all of the festivals taking place down south in the past couple of months the line-up for this year's Jazz has nearly been lost in the ether. But not quite. The below listing will be updated regularly throughout the week as the smaller venues reveal further details. For Friday and Sunday click here and here.

Cork Jazz Festival (28th-31st October)

Please check venue sites for official details as all times and dates are subject to change and I wouldn't want to steer you wrong!

Saturday, 29th October
- Andy Dunne, Clancy's, FREE

- Soul Driven, Imperial Hotel (Ballroom), €10
- Tanya Louise & The Jam Masters, Barbarossa, FREE

- The Busquitos Metropole (Met Bar), €25
- The Swinging Bluecats, Metropole (Rhythm Room), €25
- Booka Brass Band, Cork Opera House, €17 (11.45pm)
- Razzberry Jam, Imperial Hotel (76 on the Mall), FREE

- Blues Brothers Banned, Metropole (Ballroom), €25 (11.45pm)
- She Said, Deep South, FREE
- Blutac & The Greenhorns, The Oliver Plunkett (upstairs), FREE

- Kormac (live AV show) with Daithí, Cyprus Avenue, 11pm, €12.50
- Hot Blooded Animals, Coughlan's Bar, 11pm, FREE
- Blended ft. Stevie G & Gwada Mike, The Bodega, FREE
- No Way Home, The Grafton, FREE
- Ohno Jazz Band, Old Oak, FREE
- Reality Bites Band, SoHo, FREE
- New York Brass Band, The Woodford, FREE


- Fire & Water, Barbarossa, FREE
- Des Hopkins Dixieland Spectacular, Clarion Hotel, FREE
- Dan Walsh Trio, Gulpd, 10.30pm, FREE
- Interskalactic, The Oliver Plunkett, FREE
- Mayday Jazz Band, River Lee Hotel, FREE
- The Barefoot Gypsies, The Welcome Inn, FREE

- Harry Connolly Allstars, Metropole (Rhythm Room), €25
- Alley Cats, Imperial Hotel (Ballroom), €10
- The Service, An Bróg, FREE
- The Mind Benders, Clancy's, FREE
- The Lynch Mob, Henchy's, FREE
- Horace & Friends, An Spailpín Fánach, FREE
- Groove Collective, Thomond, FREE

- La Ripaille Band, Metropole (Ballroom), €25 (9.45pm)
- Bourbon Swing, Metropole (Met Bar), €25 (9.45pm)
- Mary Stokes Band, Counihans, FREE
- Ajo Arkestra, The Deep South, 9.30pm, FREE
- Mack Fleetwood, Crane Lane Theatre, 9.30pm, FREE
- Rob Strong, The Oliver Plunkett (upstairs), FREE
- The Clubs, Reardens, FREE (before 10.30pm)

- Tako w/ Not How, When!, Triskel TDC, 9pm, €10
Hot 8 Brass Band, The Bodega, FREE
- Crossbones, Coughlan's Bar, FREE
- John Connolly Band, Imperial Hotel (76 on the Mall), FREE
- Groove Me, Pigalle, FREE
- Collage, The Woodford, FREE

- Idol Bones, Clarion Hotel, FREE
- Blues Brothers Banned, Old Oak, FREE
- Lamarotte Jazz Band, River Lee Hotel, FREE

- Robert Glasper Experiment/James Taylor Quartet, Everyman Palace, 8pm, €40
- Sheryl Bailey Quartet and Sup Trio + Strings, Triskel Christchurch, 8pm, €20-€22
- Peter Broderick & Landless, Sirius Arts Centre (Cobh), 8pm, €15
- Sinnerboy, AMP, 8pm, €12.50

- Velvet, Barbarossa, FREE
- Andy Dunne, Clancy's, FREE
- The Art Crimes Band, Reardens (The Hidden Attic), FREE
- Ben Waters Boogie Band and Lila Ammons Band, Reardens (Secret Garden), FREE
- MB Soul Review, Tom Barry’s, 8pm, FREE

- Hamsandwich, Live at St. Luke's, 7.30pm, €25
- Riptide Movement, Cyprus Avenue, 7.30pm, €20

- Wild Birds, An Bróg, FREE
- Chester City Jazz Orchestra & Singers, Imperial Hotel (76 on the Mall), FREE
- Created By Comets, The Oliver Plunkett, FREE
- Bryknee, The Oliver Plunkett (upstairs), FREE
- Razzberry Jam, Thomond, FREE

- Bell X1,  Cork Opera House, 7pm, €30
- One Horse Pony, Metropole (Met Bar), €25 (7.15pm)
- SPOOK Screen! - horror-themed hi jinx, The Kino, 7pm, €7-€10
Cork Improvised Music Club: Neil Quigley, Michael Creed, Wayne Dunlea & Dan O'Connell, Triskel TDC, €8
Souldriven, The Bodega, FREE
- Long Beach Bossa Band, Clarion Hotel (stage 2), FREE
- Skazz, Crane Lane Theatre, 7pm, FREE
- OhNo Jazz Band, SoHo, FREE

- New York Brass Band, River Lee Hotel, FREE

Cork Improvised Music Club: David Mathúna, Arthur Pawsey & Josh Sampson, Triskel TDC,  €8
- Remembering Louis Stewart, Coughlan's Bar, 6pm, €15
- Katie Laffan, Super Silly & Young Phantom,The Green Room, Cork Opera House, 6pm, FREE
- The Mindbenders, Clancy's, FREE
- French Fanfare Band, Deep South, FREE
- Oriental Jazz Band, The Oliver Plunkett (upstairs), FREE
- Collage, Reardens, FREE

- Karen Underwood, Barbarossa, FREE
- Bourbon Swing, Metropole (Met Bar), FREE
- The Busquitos, Old Oak, FREE


Cork Improvised Music Club: NOT EARTH, Triskel TDC,  €8
- The Naildrivers, An Bróg, FREE
- Des Hopkins Dixieland Spectacular, Clarion Hotel, FREE
- Richard Blues Band, Henchy's, FREE
- Bobcat Billy's Moonshine Mission, Imperial Hotel (76 on the Mall), FREE
- Singers Corner, Reardens (Hidden Attic), FREE

- Interskalactic, Crane Lane Theatre, 4.30pm, FREE
- The B Majors, Deep South, FREE
- Limavady Big Band, Metropole (Ballroom), FREE

Cork Improvised Music Club: Roslyn Steer, Brendan Riordan & Solamh Kelly, Triskel TDC,  €8
Dave Duffy Quintet featuring Ksenia Parkhatskaya, The Bodega, FREE
- Pat Fitz, Clancy's, FREE
- Mary Stokes Band, Counihans, FREE
- Mark Daly Band, The Grafton, FREE
- Tony Clayton-Lea Q&A w/ various artists, Metropole (Blue Note Room), FREE (4.15pm)
- La Ripaille, Old Oak, FREE
- The Clubs, The Oliver Plunkett, FREE
- Swing Dance Party, Reardens, FREE
- The Art Crimes Band, River Lee Hotel, FREE
- The Roaring Forties, The Woodford, FREE

- East Coast Jazz Band, Metropole (Met Bar), FREE

- Karen Underwood, The Green Room, Cork Opera House, 3pm, €15
- Dark Town Strutters, Barbarossa, FREE
- Velvet, Clarion Hotel (stage 2), FREE
- Chester City Jazz Orchestra & Singers, Imperial Hotel (76 on the Mall), FREE
- Gary Potter Trio and Chris Hayward, Metropole (Rhythm Room), FREE
- Zaska, The Oliver Plunkett (upstairs), FREE
- The Jazzy Judges, Reardens, FREE
- Marching Band, Reardens (Orchard Grove), FREE

- The Swingin' Bluecats, An Bróg, FREE
- Dustbusters Light Orchestra, Metropole (Ballroom), FREE
- Brian Dunning & Sean Whelan, Metropole (Blue Note Room), FREE

- Paul Dunlea Quintet, The Bodega, FREE
- Oriental Jazz Band, Crane Lane Theatre, 2pm, FREE
- Melissa Craig, Old Oak, FREE
- The Busquitos, The Woodford, FREE

- Frankfield Gospel Choir, Clarion Hotel, FREE
- The Dizzy Birds, Metropole (Met Bar), FREE
- Belleville Hot Club, River Lee Hotel, FREE

- The Charms, Imperial Hotel (76 on the Mall), FREE
- The Cranes, The Oliver Plunkett, FREE

- Hot 3 Jazz Trio, Barbarossa, FREE

- School of Music Big Band, Cork School of Music (Curtis Auditorium), €5
- The B Majors, An Bróg, FREE
- Lyda, Old Oak, FREE

- Record Fair, Unitarian Church, €(depends what you buy!)

- School of Music Big Band, Cork School of Music (Curtis Auditorium), €5

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Cork Jazz Festival 2015 takes place in various venues from 28th-31st October 

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