New music: House of Cosy Cushions w/ Carol Anne McGowan

Dutch/Irish collective bolstered by voice of Carol Anne McGowan...

The voice of musician/visual artist Richard Bolhuis' House of Cosy Cushions has been altered to welcome the noir/folk vocals of Carol Anne McGowan, formerly of Hidden Highways. The first official recording of the recent collaboration comes in the spectral shape of Music We Make Will Keep Us Sane, a folk song that less contrasts male against female vocals but machine against human. Spirit Door, a second track newly made available by the group, is a hypnotic instrumental with a blend of machine/organ forming the core sample.

House of Cosy Cushions will perform in Hundred Years Gallery, London on 7th September as part of the official opening of Bolhuis' solo installation, also titled Music We Make Will Keep Us Sane,  featuring soundscapes, drawings & film loops with the exhibition running from 7th September until 20th September.

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