Anything You Can Do... #1

Delighted to say The G-Man's first ever show for online radio station Curious Broadcast is now up and online.

"Anything You Can Do… is a radio show with a simple mission: to play great music from outstanding bands and artists be they Irish or based abroad. Hosted by The G-Man, the intention is for every tune you hear on the show from an excellent international artist, you will hear a track from a just as brilliant Irish act with the end aim being to show that there is simply a wealth of incredible music being created out there. If the listener happens to lose track of what songs are homegrown and which ones are not then so be it!"

Full playlist :

1. Get Sick by Bouts
2. Rainbounce by Reptar
3. Flowers Die by The Altered Hours
4. Way Down Hadestown by Anais Mitchell
5. Blues Run The Game by Hidden Highways
6. Starlight by Exlovers
7. Nothing To Get Up For by Trumpets of Jericho
8. You Wish You Were Red by Trailer Trash Tracys
9. Snuff Box by Private Underground Residence
10. Don’t Fuck With My Money by Penguin Prison
11. Wait by Terror Pop
12. I Don’t Want to Get Over You by The Magnetic Fields
13. Go Outside by Cults
14. In the Light by Little xs for eyes
15. Get Light by Squarehead
16. The Only Place by Best Coast

- Anything You Can Do... is a monthly show broadcasting on Curious Broadcast
- To find out more about Curious Broadcast visit the official site at