Capital Capers : Top 10 Dublin gigs for October

Beach House prepare for Irish weather
What better way to begin a new feature than to post 9 days late. Good job G!

The below are my top ten recommended gigs to attend for the leafy month of October for all those camped in the capital. To avoid additional cranium crunching I have ordered the list by date rather than preference as my brain nearly melted during the attempt to reduce the dozens of super shows down to a paltry 10.

1. Echo Lake
When?: Wednesday, 10th October
Where?: The Workman's Club
How much?: €12
Why?: Already conquering the American college charts with debut record Wild Peace, Echo Lake play their first ever Irish show on Wellington Quay hoping to win over a couple of capital critters who enjoy their dreampop. Click here for a recent G-Man interview with the band. Visit for further details

2. Man Forever, Magic Pockets and School Tour
When?: Thursday, 11th October
Where?: The Joinery (BYOB)
How much?: €10
Why?: To see Oneida drummer John Colpitts/Kid Millions' side project Man Forever performing compositions from third studio album Pansophical Cataract in a superb art space. It's BYOB too! Visit for further details

3. Squarehead & So Cow
When?: Friday, 12th October
Where?: Button Factory
How much?: €5
Why?: To see Squarehead do their glorious indie-rock thing. Never fail to be anything but brilliant.

4. Myles Manley & The Little People and Trumpets of Jericho
When?: Wednesday, 17th October
Where?: Whelan's
How much?: €7
Why?: Trumpets of Jericho are one of the most exciting new bands (check out their recent live session for RTE here) to come out of Ireland in recent years. Throw mad-man Manley into the mix and you know fireworks will be lit.

5. Catscars, Woven Skull, I Heart the Monster Hero and Skinny Wolves DJs
When?: Friday, 19th October
Where?: Subground 43
How much?: €10
Why?: Another interesting venue, another BYOB event just laying there, waiting to be taken advantage of. Off the wall but brilliant line-up is simply the icing on the cake.

6. Bats (album launch), No Spill Blood and Turning Down Sex
When?: Saturday, 20th October
Where?: Whelan's
How much?: €10 (€15 with album)
Why?: Because quality hearing is for chumps.

7. The Tallest Man On Earth
When?: Wednesday, 24th October
Where?: Vicar Street
How much?: €25
Why?: No one does high-octane folk better than Kristian Matsson. The Swedish songwriter (aka The Tallest Man On Earth) announced his arrival to the wider world with 2010's impressive The Wild Hunt, a lesson in how to get the balance between passionate acoustic bashing and delicate delivery just right.

8. Django Django
When?: Saturday, 27th October
Where?: Button Factory
How much?: €16
Why?: Well they were nominated for a Mercury Music Award so they must be doing something right. Body & Soul-goers may (or may not) remember their type of tribal pop.

9. Beach House
When?: Sunday, 28th October
Where?: Vicar Street
How much?: €23
Why?: Beach House bamboozle me. They don't really do anything - and I mean anything - live but play their instruments but boy is it one hell of a show. I suppose pump enough lighting and great tunes into the audience and all will fall into place. Vicar Street being the location for the night promises something special.

10. Sparks
When?: Monday, 29th October
Where?: Button Factory
How much?: €35
Why?: The Button Factory has a tasty little line-up this month with nothing served as juicy as Sparks who play their first ever Irish headline date. Iconic, seminal, inflential, ground-breaking. All these words sound as impressive as they are apt.

Also take note of:
12th - Jogging and Fuck Mountain in Whelan's (Midnight)
12th - Bantum (album launch), REID and Ghosts in The Workman's Club
20th - Autumn Owls in The Grand Social
29th - The Civil Wars in the Olympia Theatre

- For more comprehensive listings please click here

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