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I found myself back in the capital again recently which allowed me to soak up Hello Moon's emotional last huzzah in Anseo on Camden Street. The jangly indie pop foursome called it a day in spectacular fashion, selling their final EP in t-shirt form (tastefully presented in a Hello Moon-inscribed carrier bag) which I proudly purchased from the makeshift stall.

A trip to Dublin is not complete without a visit to Elastic Witch and, being an avid fan of completeness, felt in no position to argue with the direction the world has chosen to spin.

This week's purchases were:

The Men - New Moon

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Camera Obscura - Desire Lines

For more on Camera Obscura visit:


The National - Trouble Will Find Me

For more on The National visit:


Deerhunter - Monomania

For more on Deerhunter visit:


- Elastic Witch is situated within Twisted Pepper on Middle Abbey Street, Dublin (Ireland) 
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