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Consumer capers in Freebird Records...

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It's a tough proposition heading to the capital and not acquiring music from the slightly obscured Wicklow Street treasure trove that is Freebird Records. Lucky no such proposals were on the table so as a trio of acquisitions were happily claimed.

The latest Freebird Records purchases were:

The Babies - Our House On The Hill

Brooklyn boys and girls who make me smile. Hipster as hell but some bands are cool for a reason. And they don't come much cooler than a Vivian Girls and Woods-flavoured milkshake.

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Tres Chic: More French Girl Singers of the 1960s

Speaking of fun and cool, this Yé-yé girls compilation has replaced Marnie Stern on the grub-preparing playlist, no mean feat let me tell you. "Je Danse Donc Je Suis"


Rose Windows - The Sun Dogs

Folk and rock with a psychedelic twist courtesy of Seattle's Rose Windows. For those who like their nostalgia served new.

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- Freebird Records can be located within the Secret Book & Record Shop at 15A Wicklow St, Dublin 2 Ireland (Ireland)
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Want to share your own musical purchases? Feel free to comment below. Otherwise try check out your local independent record stores whenever you can. If in the Republic of Ireland such an opportunity can be explored at:

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