The Cork Music Show : Sunday June 17th

Black Sun said goodbye on Friday
The full playlist for June 17th :

01. Karma Parking: Boogaloo
02. Class of 1984: Cop Shop
03. Terror Pop: Wait
04. Terriers: Get Over Here
05. Young Wonder: Tumbling Backwards
06. Toy Soldier: Wild One
07. Time Is A Thief: We Are Not Strangers
08. Yawning Chasm: I Surround Myself
09. Superblondes: Can't Do It Alone
10. When Good Pets Go Bad: Waste Every Penny
11. Monorail: Hearts of Gold
12. Martin Finke: Make You Sing
13. Trumpets of Jericho: Post Apocalyptic in Ringaskiddy (Performed on The Cork Music Show)
14. EleventyFour: Forklift
15. John Blek & The Rats: Take The Ring From Your Hand
16. Private Underground Residence: Snuffbox

Topics on the show included:
  • Terriers supporting Dublin's Bats in The Pavilion on Saturday, 23rd June. Doors at 9pm and FREE in
  • Hobo Convention has restarted in The Pavilion after former home An Realt Dearg closed its doors earlier in the year
  • Toy Soldier, Annette Buckley, Terror Pop and Eleventy Four added to Indiependence line-up
  • Drop-d return with a new compilation in September. All ideas and submissions to go to
  • Busy times in the Triskel with Superblondes and more in the TDC, Black Sun in Plugd, Twisted Celluloid screenings, cds and records and pints and cake...
  • Last ever Black Sun took place in Plugd Records last night. Well at least for now...

Stream the entire show on the mixcloud player below.

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*Pretty much everything played on today's show is available to buy in Plugd Records on Tobin Street.