Festival News: LodgeFest 2012

Hope Is Noise

Following on from the complete success that was Hope Is Noise's two day mini-festival in Fred's back in March, the Cork rockers are to curate a one day event later this month featuring some of the best new young bands in Cork.

For the official line see below.

Following the trail blazed by the infamous 'Party in the Pines', LodgeFest 2012 brings you four of Cork's finest laying siege to Pine Lodge, Myrtleville on July 21st for what should be an epic night of shit-cool music...

Hope is Noise, Lamp, Terror Pop, and Terriers promise to blast ear drums and for one night at least, make you forget our ever sunless summer....

For those who know the village, Myrtleville is a bit of a trek out from the city but fear not as the ever prepared Hope is Noise have already arranged a return bus for the night. Still, spaces will be like gold dust so keep an eye on the FB event here.

- Hope is Noise, Lamp, Terror Pop, and Terriers play LodgeFest 2012
- LodgeFest 2012 takes place in Pine Lodge, Myrtleville (Co. Cork) on Saturday 21st July