Lodgefest2012: Interview & COMPETITION

It's not all about Thursday, 19th July in Cork this week. Unless hiding under a boring old rock these past few weeks, it is impossible not to have heard about the excellent showcase of Cork musical talent taking place this Saturday
(Rock turtles click here to get yourselves up to date) down Myrtleville way.

In celebration of this shindig The Cork Music Show rounded up the fearless leaders of each band on the bill to have a bit of a chinwag about anything and everything from frytex and banjo strings to updates on new EPs in the making. A huge thanks from Suzy and myself for coming

Stream the Cork Music Show interview with Dan (Hope is Noise), Emmet (Lamp), Chris (Terror Pop), and Ian/Mini Terriers below.

To stand a chance of winning a couple of tickets (bus from/to Cork City/Myrtleville included), all you have to do is send an email to comps@thegmanworld.com containing :

- a subject of 'Lodgefest'
- your full name
- your mobile number
- a funny story containing the word 'lodge'

The winner will be announced on Friday, 20th July. Closing date is 11.59pm (or 23.59) on Thursday, 19th July.

- LodgeFest 2012 takes place in Pine Lodge, Myrtleville (Co. Cork) on Saturday 21st July
- For more info on tickets etc. see the Hope Is Noise FB page here
- Click here to keep up to date with The Cork Music Show