If I had to pick my favourite part of the blog it would definitely be The G-Man Interview. Over the years I have found myself in the incredible position of interviewing outstanding artists such as The Low Anthem, King's Daughters & Sons, Efterklang, Amiina and more, more, more.

Record Store Day 2014 interviews
Colleen Green

Record Store Day 2013 interviews
Admiral Fallow --- Amiina --- Beach Day --- Beat Mark --- The Crayon Set --- Double Dagger --- Echo Lake --- Seamus Fogarty --- Cal Folger Day --- Futur Primitif --- House of Cosy Cushions --- Just Handshakes --- Daniel Martin MooreAmiina --- --- Bettina Richards (Thrill Jockey) --- This Is The Kit --- Arch Woodmann --- Valentiine

Record Store Day 2012 interviews
Terror Pop --- Gretta Gunna --- Crayonsmith --- Terror Pop --- Wingnut Records (Waterford) --- Overhead, The Albatross --- Dan Hegarty (2FM) --- Elastic Witch --- Le Galaxie --- Little xs for Eyes --- Wingnut Records (Galway) --- Hidden Highways --- Hope Is Noise --- Tower Records